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It's important to be realistic, but don't be afraid to dream. Skip a prior engagement to do something that you think is more important At sometime in every semester you're going to get the option to do something when you have already made plans. Attend a sporting event for your college Cheer on your school!

Angrily sending your plate back to the kitchen because your steak is cherry blossom pink instead of Thulian pink makes you look like a pretentious douche.

At the beginning of time, a higher being came and bestowed upon us college students a set of important rules.

Pay close attention to avoid making any of these deadly mistakes. Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Floormates Do not hook up with the boys on your floor. You are going to see this boy (or boys) every day for the entire year. There are many other girls on your floor who are also trying to get clean before their 8 a.m. Do you really want to mess with a bunch of hungry and tired girls who haven’t showered? Nobody likes having to scoop their friends off of frat house floors and holding their hair in the bathroom for hours after every single time you all go out.

Maybe you’re celebrating or maybe you and your roommate just feel like dancing. Chances are, the people living around you are a bit more concerned with their upcoming exams than they are with your sick DJing skills. I don’t know why exactly you are separately picking up each french fry like this is a game of Operation, but I do know that the hungry line of people behind you are not amused. We don’t have all day, we all have empty stomachs, and a hangry line of college students is bound to end badly if not appeased quickly.

I know people are too polite to tell you – but you stink.

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