10 killer online dating tips for men

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10 killer online dating tips for men

There are also online agencies specifically for Christian, Jewish or gay singletons.There's a dating site for art lovers and, if you are outdoorsy, there are a number of suitable sites.LOL)This is something I’m shocked more men don’t do.Once you’ve gone through and reworked your profile, go ahead and ask a female friend of yours or female coworker you’re friendly with to have a quick look at it and give you her opinion on it.If you’ve got an odd sense of humor, it might come off as you being VERY weird and might scare off some women, so DON’T try too hard when writing your profile. One big problem I see men make with their profiles is there’s no consistency between what they write and the photos they show. lets say your profile talks about you liking adventure, traveling and fishing…. If you say that you’re athletic, then give an example of what types of sports/activities you enjoy. State it, then back it up with something a bit more detailed.

Some sites are free, but for most sites you have to pay and it can get quite expensive.

What do you want her to do as a result of reading that email? Let her know that if she’s interested you’d like to hear back from her. The point is, you need to lead her and tell her what you’d like her to do as a result of reading your email, otherwise you end up in a ping pong match of email after email after email… There’s nothing worse than a woman you want to meet, reading your email and saying to herself, “Wow, this guy can’t spell.”Doing so totally gives off the wrong impression and puts you behind the 8 ball from the get-go.

It takes 30 seconds to run a spell check in your word processing program (15 minutes if you use Microsoft WORD.

Dress nice, bathe, smell good, ask lots of questions, smile, laugh, exhibit a little knowledge about something interesting, and most importantly listen to her. Actor George Hamilton once wrote that when he goes to a new town he finds the nicest restaurant and pays a visit in the afternoon. He gives them his credit card and says, “Please take an imprint of this.

Just say, “I had a great time tonight.” It will make you stand out from the other Joes who say it as a matter of habit.

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It's often the case that the more serious people are about finding a mate the more likely they are willing to pay a subscription.