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Under the circumstances, it is indeed surprising that to date, with few exceptions (Evan 1965, 1968, 1980; Merryman, Clark, and Friedman 1979; Lidz 1979), this facet of Durkheim’s work has been neglected.The concept of a ‘‘legal index’’ or a ‘‘legal indicator’’ merits systematic attention if we are to become more precise in our understanding of the role of law in social change.Turning to Durkheim’s contribution to this field, one of necessity reverts to his Division of Labor in Society (1933), in which he argued that in societies characterized by ‘‘mechanical solidarity’’ there is a predominance of repressive laws, whereas in societies characterized by ‘‘organic solidarity’’ there is a predominance of restitutive laws.A number of social scientists have subjected Durkheim’s thesis to empirical tests and have found it wanting (Schwartz and Miller 1964).As an epiphenomenon of the superstructure, it provides a rationale or ideology for preserving the existing class relations in a capitalist economy.Concepts of property and contract, for example, become instrumentalities for maintaining and reproducing class hegemony.

This article will therefore consider the relationship of this field to both parent disciplines.

For decades, Parsons was the leading macrosociological theorist in the United States, making singular contributions to structural functionalism and to a general theory of action.

Focusing on the action of social systems, Parsons developed a ‘‘four-function paradigm.’’ According to Parsons, every society faces four subsystem problems: adaptation, goal attainment, integration, and pattern maintenance or latency (AGIL).

It is no exaggeration to state that the field of sociology lacks a systematically developed and precise theory of society.

Although interest in macrosociological theory building has been in evidence for the past two decades, particularly among those concerned with comparative sociology (Eisenstadt and Curelaru 1977), no such theory has yet been developed in sufficient detail and precision to guide empirical research.

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For example, his famous typology of lawmaking and lawfinding suggests possible research leads for comparative and historical analysis.