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Recorded sex chat gold

Tostee's diligence to record his dates meant a large part of the night's audio was captured, with conversation between the pair becoming increasingly nonsensical.

At one point, Tostee casually mentioned that falling off his balcony would certainly result in death. The recording captured ornamental rocks being thrown in the apartment by Wright, before Tostee told her she had to leave."This is f***ing bullshit...

Gifted although awkward in person, he worked at his dad's carpet business and was out of sight, alongside older colleagues he struggled to relate to.

The door slid shut, and Wright's cries of "just let me go home" were muffled behind the glass. When Tostee realised what had occurred, he grabbed his phone.

But records show instead of ringing triple-0, he rang his lawyer instead. With the recording still going, CCTV played in court showed Tostee slipping out a back entrance as emergency services arrived to find Wright's body.

"Well I got a root the other day," he soon proclaimed.

Fast-forward to 2012 and the shy, introverted Gable Tostee was no more.

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He kept a video diary while trying to adopt a rhino beetle as a pet, and it soon became part of Misc folklore.