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Andy mientus christy altomare dating

In addition, the show was revived in 2015 on Broadway and garnered 3 Tony Award nominations, among other honors.The success of the Broadway production has spawned several other productions worldwide, including various US productions, a short West End production that won 4 Laurence Olivier Awards including Best Musical, and a series of international productions.

It is based on the German play Spring Awakening (1891) by Frank Wedekind.The other young girls in town – Martha, Thea, Anna and Ilse – appear to be similarly naïve and are upset about the lack of knowledge presented to them ("Mama Who Bore Me" (Reprise)).At school, some teenage boys are studying Virgil in Latin class.Wendla Bergmann, an adolescent in late-nineteenth-century Germany, laments that her mother gave her “no way to handle things” and has not taught her the lessons she is meant to know as a young woman (“Mama Who Bore Me”).She tells her mother that it is time she learned where babies come from, considering that she is about to be an aunt for the second time.

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When Moritz Stiefel, a very nervous and anxious young man, sleepily misquotes a line, the teacher chastises him harshly.