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Meanwhile, the overly developed financial and property sectors have led to high costs of living and a situation in which people find it hard to cover expenses with their incomes.

These young sex workers seeking clients online are referred to as “compensated dating girls” in Hong Kong.

There are many reasons young women enter into sex work, some by choice, some without.

During our outreach, I can fully see how this impacts young sex workers.Most lack the knowledge and awareness of their sexual and reproductive health and rights. Some even think cleaning the vagina with antiseptic disinfectant can prevent HIV.Others know what safe sex is, but their clients either persuade or force them to have sex without a condom.To start with, there is no comprehensive sexuality education in Hong Kong’s school curriculum.Talking about sex is a taboo, and existing sex education is limited to the encouragement of abstinence in schools and social welfare organisations..

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We encourage them to use public health services, but some are too afraid and unwilling to go because of the judgemental and discriminatory attitudes of healthcare workers.