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Casual sex and dating guestbook

They work tirelessly, with little or no help, to see that their children are provided for and well rounded.

The sacrifices they make for their families cannot be measured in any lifetime. This is about the numerous modern day single moms who set their sons on a sure path of rebellion, disrespect and dishonor.

She would do things such as force them to sit outside in the freezing cold for hours at a time.

She would choke her older son, ( I’ll call Joseph ) while swearing at him and cursing his father.

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Some of you will read this article and say, “What about the things the men are doing and why didn’t you mention how daughters are affected when they don’t have a dad?Like many women who give themselves to dishonorable men, Racine assumed that she could change him and that he would eventually marry her.She was so convinced of her abilities to alter his conduct, that she got pregnant, AGAIN!” He was speaking about the mass number of single mothers who raise their sons to fail in life.Let me start by saying, there are good single mothers in our society and I applaud those women.

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You should know that Racine was in the church while this disgraceful chain of events took place.

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