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Ben has never been married, and has always been notoriously private about his relationships in the past, stating in the January issue of that he was single but he has “never had a problem being monogamous in a serious relationship.I’ve also never had a problem dating as I see fit when I’m not in a relationship,” adding that “the guilt of not being monogamous would be massive.” Looks like Morena found herself a keeper! Three years ago, I shared a dinner table at the swanky UNICEF Gala with Benjamin Schenkkan.We chatted about sports, our hometowns, and how he couldn't possibly leave before Lionel Richie performed (he had to be at work at a crazy-early hour the next day). Not that I would have minded—I've long admired Ben as an actor—but that night I was more interested in talking about everyday life.Jim finds himself an honest man in a morally bankrupt city.He's ambitious, smart, motivated to clean it up, but he realizes the only way to do that is to get his hands dirty and cut deals with people, including the criminals. Ben: They're engaged, and she's teasing him about when she becomes Mrs. I would say that at the heart of their relationship is a really intense love for each other and a raw kind of chemistry.I like the intensity to be about the work and everything else just be relaxed, calm, and quiet. Bruno Heller created the show, and we did a pilot last year together.Maybe it's the films I grew up on or playing football in Texas, which is this macho and intense culture, but I've never had a hard time flipping the switch when I'm at work. I really don't like [that intensity] in my personal life. Ben: I think you always bring a part of yourself to these characters. I could see myself getting a place out there, but I'm not wild about the dead of winter. If you have a great job, New York is a great place to be. It didn't go to series, but Bruno and I really hit it off.

This role might be more similar than the other two. I met Danny Cannon, who directed the pilot, and talked with him.I haven't seen them in a while because I'm shooting, but she's pregnant again, which is great.Ben: We played on the same middle-school football team.Buzz Bissinger is writing the script, and he's a hero of mine. It hasn't been cast yet, but we'll be getting the first draft at the end of the is reportedly in the midst of a new relationship with his co-star and on-screen love interest, Morena Baccarin, 36. Morena was previously married to American producer and director Austin Chick, 44.

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