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I kept trying to convince myself he wasn’t attracted to children.

All my research supported his assertion that the fetish had nothing to do with an actual child, but I didn’t understand how it couldn’t.

We had numerous conversations about it, but he couldn’t help me understand. I told him that it was his thing, I respected him and his right to be into whatever he was into, but I could not participate in it. Time went on, but every time we had sex I wondered if he was thinking of babies.

One day I decided to hop on an adult baby chat room and see if someone would answer some questions. I guess these chat rooms were frequently flooded with people spreading hate, and they were guarded.

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He glanced over the list fast, and looked up at me. I thought he might say something like eating feces. He asked me to read the list and pick three that I hope he didn’t want. It’s about the diaper.” He continued to explain he didn’t know why he felt like that, but always had.

Anyone who desired that deserves to be in jail.“That’s not what it is,” he blurted out. Rushing through my head was something like: “What is it? He took the computer from me and pulled up a website. I felt guilty, and ashamed that I wasn’t being more accepting.

That night, I sat Jason down and told him he could go outside the relationship to satisfy his sexual needs.

He had previously mentioned groups that met to sit together in diapers and do everyday stuff; watch movies, dinner, etc.

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