Grand theft auto iv dating faq

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Version 1.14 - 10/03/2009 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Added various helpful links (missions walkthroughs, maps, 100% checklist, etc).

[20] To get this achievement you just need to complete all 9 missions for the "Fixer" contact on the phone.

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Version 1.13 - 03/03/2009 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Added links for the video walkthroughs relative to the online co-op missions.

It should be enough to blow all the cars in less than 10 seconds and unlock the achievement. - The Mean Streets Capture 20 criminals through the police computer.

[20] To get this achievement you need to enter a police car, use the computer, go to "current crimes" and activate one of the 3 missions there. Courier Service Complete all 10 package delivery jobs.

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