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Guild pilot bass dating

The semi-hollowbody AS Series are introduced a year later.

1981-1987: Ibanez switches to the bolt-neck Strat design and other variants in the Roadster series, followed by the Blazer in 1981, and the Roadstar II models by 1982 .

Jazz boxes like the AM Series semi-hollowbody guitars are introduced in 1982, followed by the FG Series a year later.

In 1984, the Lonestar acoustics are introduced, and Ibanez responds to the MIDI challenge of Roland by unveiling the IMG-2010 MIDI guitar system.

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1980: Ornate (or just large) brass bridges/tailpieces, and brass hardware. 1962-1965: Introduction of entry level bolt-neck solid body electrics, and some set-neck archtop electrics by 1965.

These are followed by copies of Martin, Guild, Gibson, and Fender acoustics.

Ibanez opens an office and warehouse outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to maintain quality control on imported guitars in 1972.

1973: Ibanez´s Artist series acoustics and electrics are debuted.

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