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Hanna apparently ignored what should have been a wakeup call, because her most recent Instagram photos are replete with trout pout: Compare Hanna’s unnatural appearance to plastic surgery addict Pete Burns, whose lips actually exploded with pus owing to infection caused by cosmetic enhancements. On Deryck: “We celebrated his 30th birthday together. Yes the guy who made out and got tattoos with hanna beth apparently.If anything she needs to be confronted by the TRUE tattoo “Ink’d” community (people with artistic and meaningful tattoo) especially the women. DISCUSS Tweet Hanna Beth obviously doesn’t care that people think she’s a slut, does she? No, that would require her to, instead of living off of daddy’s credit card, do an actual day of work in her life. Jeffree’s Humorous tweets Hannah’s low blow Seems like Hannah is a celeb fucking whore. Many tattoo’d women are out down now we have this clown trash canadian whore making it worse. First Trace Cyrus, then Deryck Whibley (Avril Lavignes ex husband) and now Andy “Sixx.” The bitch is obviously looking for more ways to become “famous.” Andy cheated on long-time girlfriend Scout Taylor-Compton and then dumped her for that dyke Hanna Beth. (No Hanna, selling severed raccoon tails for doesn’t count as a job.) Jeffree continued on his twitter campaign against Hanna Beth Mercoke, finally eliciting a response: Note that she didn’t come back at Jeffree with anything; they were friends for quite awhile, so she must have some good dirt on him. Thats low to fuck someone else’s husband/BF whatever he is. She looks so stupid and retarded trying to copy hanna beth. It was a big one and I was like, ‘Lets get 30 tattoos. '” On future tats: “I want to get a big-ass-motherf*****g tattoo on my forearm.I will if you will.'” On fan tattoos: “I’ve seen people with my portrait, and some people put my name on them after I sign my autograph. I’m going to wait a few years and make sure I still want it then.

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“I’ve seen them on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine…

Faire un cadeau à plusieurs est souvent peu pratique; la prise de décision est compliquée, la récolte d'argent laborieuse. Quels sites recommanderiez parmi les cagnottes en ligne et lesquels sont les moins coûteux?

Oh and by the way her favorite tattoo is the word fuck on her ribs….(wait till she gets knocked up it’ll probably look like the word fag after she gets all stretched out.

) All jokes aside this is what really bugs me about this.

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He immigrated as a child with his family to United States in 1834.

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