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Paniniwala ng dating daan

Case Unclosed episode of June 18, 2009 aired by GMA7 and replayed by GMANEWS TV11 on August 3, 2011 that discussed the rape case filed by an excommunicated member of ADD against Bro. It is written from the perspective that the ADD feel their leader is trapped in a context of convoluted systems: broadcast network fight for audience ratings, influence of a rival church group over the media and the courts, personalities’ climb to promotion and prominence, and probably secret envy nursed for a long time.Some background of the events that followed are sandwiched for balance – things that Case Unclosed could not provide.

Eliseo Soriano had come to be known as and that his international activities only involved the propagation of the words of God – contrary to “sex crimes” that the INC had wanted the Interpol to believe.

Never did Clavio try to establish the credibility of his resource person by challenging his statements.

For that program, Clavio simply let the statements of Veridiano pass – a no-no for investigative journalism.

You need to oblige; if not, it is as if you get cursed; as if something grave will happen to you if you do not do what he requires you to do – this so-called messenger of God.” Video clips of the preacher came on, followed by Arnold Clavio’s vioice: “The one being pointed to by Daniel that had abused him: the leader of Ang Dating Daan, Bro.

Eliseo ‘Eli’ Soriano.” The protests Vehement protests from the ADD members rained on GMA7 after that episode.

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