Pulse pounding dating sim jam

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Pulse pounding dating sim jam

It's not quite finished, but based on the demo (downloadable at the link), it's going to be a whole bunch of My Bloody Valentine fun.Well, this one does exactly what it says on the tin.

Ironically, you are the one with the crush on this giant T.Technically, yes, they are human, but the concept is just so delightful.It was published in 2014, and the fact that it's never been made available outside of Japan is the real heartbreaker in this scenario.Today we take a look into some of these sims which don’t merely tailor to specific interests, but who do away with the whole human love interest element.Prepare yourself for a journey into the truly bizarre as we go to our first example… In this dating sim, you play as the only human attendee of a school for pigeons. Well, it turns out your main character is pigeon-obsessed, so she’s trying to fit in as best she can.

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was made in April 2013 for the Pulse Pounding Heart Stopping Jam, which instructed players to make a dating sim in a weekend!