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For a list of accepted formats, see the -l option in the rrdcached manual.The data used for updating the RRD was acquired at a certain time.If the connection cannot be established it will fall back to direct file-access.While this is convenient, it can silently create problems so please read the warning in the examples.This alternate version of update takes the same arguments and performs the same function.The v stands for verbose, which describes the output returned.

The update function feeds new data values into an RRD.An AT_STYLE TIME SPECIFICATION (see the rrdfetch documentation) may also be used by delimiting the end of the time specification with the '@' character instead of a ':'.Getting the timing right to the second is especially important when you are working with data-sources of type COUNTER, DERIVE, DCOUNTER, DDERIVE or ABSOLUTE.This is not very error resistant, as you might be sending the wrong data into an RRD.The template switch allows you to specify which data sources you are going to update and in which order.

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