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I moved abroad via New York City where dating was difficult for a variety of reasons - people always seemed to be looking for something better around the corner, huge girl-to-guy ratio, tough to meet people if you don't have a large extended social network.

In both of my cities I never had a problem meeting people - finding attractive men who also were into me wasn't the issue.

It was finding someone who was willing to stick around for a serious relationship.

Either they were too career-oriented or too "touch-and-go" (i.e.

I work in finance and currently live abroad in a large city where the expat dating life is AMAZING in terms of quality of people (many Ivy/Oxbridge types, all worldly, well-traveled, good jobs, i.e.

large law firm, PE/hedge fund, i-bank) but it's so transient that people rarely have marriage on their minds.

Cant give a better answer that due to my lack of dating in other areas.

The problem with that Hartford is that the labor market is small and people and when people switch jobs they often leave the region. I have dated my share of attractive women, but never found one that I wanted to marry.

Or let’s switch to the blind or the almost blind date when you only viewed a picture of your date. You don’t need to think of a pick up line or a way to get their attention because I promise you will get 5 minutes of one on one time chat with this person and make your perfect first impression.So when I finally meet that right woman, I will not hesitate to make a commitment once I get to really know her, especially since I have the whole partying every night thing out of my system. That's not to say I don't have fun each week, because if you don't, then life gets really predicable and boring. Speed Match tends to have events at Whole Foods up in the Hartford area. people who might as well be like their counterparts in larger cities except for the settling down factor. Can someone describe the dating scene there for people in my age group? Will this affect my dating prospects in a smaller, less diverse city like Hartford at all? Its hard for me to compare the dating scene in hartford to anywhere else since I have never been outside CT much.I personally hate going out drinking in Hartford though because I always see the same people.

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